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Darul Uloom Qadri Sabri Barkaat E Raza

A Center of Islamic Learning and Spiritual Enlightenment

Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza is a renowned religious institution founded by Hazrat Maulana Gulam Nabi Noori. With a capacity to accommodate over 300 students for study and accommodation with food, this esteemed institution serves as a beacon of knowledge and spirituality for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of Islam and lead a life guided by its teachings.

The Vision

The establishment of Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza is rooted in the noble objective of benefiting mankind and serving the followers of Islam. Recognizing the importance of education and the upbringing of the new generation, Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, Mufti E Azam Al-Hind Mustafa Raza Khan, and Qazi Ul Quzzat Tajush Shariah Shaikh Akhtar Raza Khan Al Azhari have consistently emphasized the need for a religious institution that imparts comprehensive learning and promotes the correct understanding of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

The Mission

Under the guidance of Hazrat Maulana Gulam Nabi Noori, Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza aims to fulfill this mission by providing a platform for profound learning and spiritual enlightenment. The institution seeks to explore the depths of Islamic ideology and adapt it to the present scientific and technological era. It endeavors to inculcate within the new generation a true Islamic spirit and the characteristics of a devoted preacher.

Programs and Curriculum

Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to impart knowledge in various Islamic disciplines. The programs include:

Study of the Holy Quran

Students engage in the in-depth study of the Holy Quran, exploring its teachings, principles, and interpretations.


Hadith Studies 

The institution focuses on the study of Hadith, enabling students to gain a deep understanding of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Islamic Jurisprudence

Students delve into the study of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), learning about the principles and rules that govern the practical aspects of Islam.

Arabic Language

Emphasis is placed on learning the Arabic language, as it is essential for understanding the Quran, Hadith, and other Islamic texts.

Spiritual Development

 The institution prioritizes spiritual development through regular remembrance of Allah (Dhikr), meditation, and cultivating a strong connection with the Creator.

Accommodation and Facilities

Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza provides accommodation and food facilities for over 300 students, creating a conducive environment for immersive learning and spiritual growth. The institution strives to create a supportive and disciplined atmosphere that fosters personal development and character building.

Join Us at Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza

Darul Uloom Qadriya Sabri Barkat e Raza welcomes individuals who seek to embark on a journey of knowledge, spirituality, and personal growth. By joining this esteemed institution, students can immerse themselves in the rich traditions of Islamic scholarship, develop a profound understanding of Islam, and cultivate the qualities of a devoted preacher.

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